ShowHow is a cloud platform that helps users create immersive learning experiences to deliver better training through virtual reality (VR), 360 videos and 3D content. Courses created on the platform focus on practical experiences to prepare users for military operations, medical emergencies and work in hazardous environments.

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Our biggest challenge was to design a course creation workflow. One course can have many scenarios with dozens of sections plus a variety of tests and tasks for users to complete including finding objects in 3D space or in a video. The information architecture for ShowHow was complex, especially with the need to keep the interface consistent across VR, mobile and desktop devices.


We experimented with various setups using interface wireframes before deciding on an exact user experience. We also worked closely with the development team to ensure that our designs were suitable for each supported device. Finally, we resolved a tricky issue dealing with UI consistency using a curved virtual screen for most of the interface elements in the VR realm.

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Was it worth it?

Artur provided a highly collaborative and efficient style of work which made it feel like he was part of our team rather than an external contractor. His work was polished and professional and he was very open to feedback. He assisted us to polish a prototype into a working saleable cloud service. I definitely recommend him for your UX and front end design requirements.

Jacinta PennConsultant on Customer Experience at ShowHow
Jacinta Penn
VR Design - ShowHow