About us

Cutting edge design
without cutting corners

We’re proud of being a small agency making a thousandfold impact on people’s lives with products we design for real humans.

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What makes us different?

We help our partners achieve a balanced synergy of the right business model, unique product selling points and great user experience.

We maximize product value while minimizing development costs because we know precisely how to plan systems for development.

This sums up our Human Design approach: We use the most direct and efficient methods to launch your systems and quickly turn satisfied users into long-term customers.

How do we work?

The Human Design Process

  • Research


    Learning what a user feels, thinks and needs comes first. We must fit these essential expectations into market reality while showcasing your best USP.

  • Blueprint


    We use a simple prototype as the most cost-effective way to validate your idea, find investors, get accurate development estimates and tweak your business model.

  • Design teaser

    Design teaser

    Next, it’s time to test how your audience responds to your product look and feel. We iterate and refine based on your feedback until we know you will win users’ hearts and minds.

  • Prototype


    Clickable prototypes work as a ‘single source of truth’ for you and your development team; this is how we make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Handoff


    We provide you and your team with a comprehensive style guide including typography, iconography and reusable UI components. Always online and easy to use.

Meet our team

  • Artur Polkowski
    Artur Polkowski
    Product Designer

    Artur combines natural empathy and analytical skill as an IT engineer. His daily goal is to refine projects into the most elegant, productive and efficient cross platform applications.

  • Marie Filonenko
    Marie Filonenko
    Brand Designer

    With a multicultural background, expertise in graphic design and photography and a lifetime passion for illustration, Marie is the ideal mix of new media storyteller and a brand creator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do development?

No, and this gives you two big advantages: First, our systems and designs aren’t biased about development techniques; we focus on what truly matters for your users. Second, our approach also means your assignment to a developer is closed to ‘endless development’ tactics. Simply say “build this” instead of asking what, why or how to develop.

Why not entrust design to a software house?

Software development firms aren’t single-minded specialists in User Experience or User Interface design so they make system layout and design mistakes. The most profitable strategy for many developers is to provide mediocre design, hook you into a contract and charge more for inevitable changes – including more development changes to match.

Why not hire a freelancer?

Even just searching for the right-fit freelancer can be a tremendous waste of time and money. Lone freelancers come and go, can’t offer services beyond their field of expertise (like a UX designer working on animations) and seldom have enough experience to assist and advise you in a product launch. A full function company usually fits the ticket better.

Where are you located?

We’re based in Poznań, Poland and have worked remotely since 2012. Most of our clients come from the US, Europe (including the UK), Australia and New Zealand.

Are we the best match?
  • Quality first
    Quality first

    Dedication counts and we usually work on just 1-2 projects at a time. This is how we preserve the flexibility to explore, experiment and bring you the best result.

  • Maximize value
    Maximize value

    We rapid-prototype to avoid wasting resources. This quickly yields an attractive and easy-to-use solution that often spotlights advantages you hadn’t realized before.

  • Outside the box
    Outside the box?

    We love a challenge! Bring us your complex problems and a desire for a state-of-the-art application, and we’ll optimize something wonderful!

  • Sensible deadline
    Sensible deadline

    Good design requires time. Fast-forwarding, ad-hoc solutions and hasty decisions are cardinal sins of poor management and we avoid them at all costs.

  • Let’s start
    Let’s start

    Schedule a free 45-minute workshop to explore your goals and user needs.