CapRaise is a platform that provides family offices with curated investments. It’s essentially a fintech marketplace for investment with size ranging from $20M to over $500M. With headquarters in Australia, CapRaise works globally and has already raised $1.41B capital for its clients. Besides platform design, we also provided CapRaise with a custom investor deck template.

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Family office managers are a demanding audience with no time to spare. On the other hand, deal providers are concerned with privacy, only looking for serious investors. As a result, both sides lose time actively searching for a business partner and often rejecting the vast majority of offers.


As a first step, we gave deal providers easy access to platform statistics regarding investor criteria, automatically filtering out unwanted deals. Next, we set up the system so family office managers could make profiles to match only certain types of deals. And last, instead of forcing users to search actively, we used automated notifications for matching deals.

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Impact & value
  • $16.8B
    Family office capital to be invested
  • 124
    Family offices using the platform
  • $100M
    Average deal size
  • $1.41B
    Total capital to be raised
User Interface Design - Capraise