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What’s on the menu?
  1. Application — user interface design

    • #ui
    • #web
    • #mobile
    • #app
    • #saas
    • #mockups
  2. Product — user experience design

    • #ux
    • #research
    • #prototype
    • #user
    • #onboarding
  3. Digital brand — visual identity

    • #design
    • #system
    • #logo
    • #typography

Our starter packages

Human Application Blueprint

Human Application Blueprint
What’s included?
  • Clickable online prototype
  • Desktop and/or mobile
  • 20 wireframes
  • Black & white
  • Core views and functions
What’s the value for me?

Validate your idea early by testing with actual users. Engage investors by walking them through your prototype. Use wireframes in a brief to get more accurate pricing from your development team.

How long?
3 weeks
How much?

Human Brand Identity

Human Brand Design - Essential
What’s included?
  • Basic style guide
  • Logo and emblem
  • Moodboard, patterns & photos
  • Typography
  • Color palette
What’s the value for me?

Give your brand a unique look and identity to attract your target audience. Use a style guide to keep your marketing visually coherent across all channels. Get tangible design assets and logos.

How long?
2-3 weeks
How much?