RankSense is a system that monitors a client’s website, detects SEO issues and proposes solutions. The aim was to produce amazing SEO results in just 6 weeks instead of the usual 6 months. With excellent real-world results, RankSense became a featured app in the Cloudflare App Store.

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For website owners, SEO is a struggle. Owners don’t have the best tools to measure the impact of their changes, can’t implement fixes fast enough and are always waiting for the next development cycle. And finally, owners are usually forced to do all their SEO work manually.


We designed a tool that creates solutions to SEO issues including auto-generating meta descriptions from content using AI. The user can tweak results and implement via the Cloudflare platform without a development team.

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Impact & value
  • 18 weeks
    Faster SEO results delivery compared with manual work
  • +30%
    Faster client self-service deployment
  • 70%
    Savings in RankSense infrastructure costs
  • $100,000
    Google Cloud Startups Program Grant

Was it worth it?

Artur provided us with amazingly detailed mockups and prototypes with very little input and guidance. He is very organized and methodical. I really enjoyed our collaboration and will definitely continue to work in the near future.

Hamlet Batista
Responsive Design - UX Design | RankSense