Logflare is a log management platform for the next generation of developers. It allows users to store and analyze large numbers of event logs without breaking the bank. We created a brand style guide including a new logo, a project website layout and a logger application template.

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Since the platform originally launched in early 2019 the number of active users has skyrocketed. Even after more than 100 billion logs collected, the Logflare project still had not developed brand guidelines. The site had other problems too. The site explained service concepts well but lacked the marketing content needed to drive paid subscription sign-ups. The system didn’t promote credibility well enough for many to trust storing data on Logflare servers.


First, we researched the target audience and competitors to address some user concerns around data privacy and pricing transparency. Next, we created a mood board, new logo and a collection of patterns — all in a style guide inspired by hacker subculture. Finally, we designed a new site with more persuasive content with a dedicated dark theme.

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Impact & value
  • 123B
    Events logged to date in the system
  • 226
    Project GitHub stars
  • 7,500
    Average number of events collected each second
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